vrijdag 6 februari 2009

ELMC Facts

Moot - What's in a name

The word "moot" originates from a scandinavian word meaning simply a meeting.
The meetings concerned were assemblies of the members of a community for legislative or judicial purposes.
The word was given its present meaning in the English Inns of Court in the sixteenth century where law students would present their legal arguments on a given set of factual circumstances (often resembling real cases) before one or several senior lawyers or judges.
Aspiring lawyers were thereby given experience in the art of persuasion, without having to gain such experience at the risk of inadvertently damaging a real client's interests.
Various regional, national and even international mooting competitions have developed through the years such as the renowned Philip C. Jessup international law moot court competition, established in 1959.
The European Law Moot Court is developing rapidly into an organisation of similar scale and reputation.

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