vrijdag 30 januari 2009

Q&A - Hovik Begian

- What's your name?
Hovik Begian.

- Why are you participating in the ELMC?
Well, Benjamin Franklin said it best. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." I believe that this moot competition is the perfect way to fully appreciate that what the law has to offer. The written stage alone has been a great experience for me, I can’t wait to participate in the oral part of the competition.
Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to meet future colleagues from around the world, and the best of all, we can compete with them.

- Did you find it difficult to hand in memoranda in another language?
Oh yes, the difference between the English we hear on the television and its legal counterpart is enormous. However, after a week or two, we got the hold of it. There were other, much more difficult challenges to overcome.

- Why did you not chose French as a language for the memoranda?
The choice was not that difficult since English is the current lingua franca of the international business, law, science, diplomacy and technology. And this was of course the perfect opportunity for us to improve our language skills.

- Would you recommend others to compete next year?
Yes, and don’t let the hard work scare you off. It is worth it. There is more to law than just cramming textbooks.

- Is it ok for law firms with a European law practice group to contact you?
Do zebras have stripes? Of course!

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