vrijdag 30 januari 2009

Q&A - Anthony Godfroid

- What's your name?
My name is Anthony Godfroid.

- Why are you participating in the ELMC?
First of all, the ELMC is one of the most renowned moot court competitions in the world. Every year the best law schools in the world take part.
Second, I am particularly interested in European law: for exemple 80 % of Belgian legislation has a direct link with Europe (implementation of directives, regulations, recommendations,...). Europe is everywhere.
Third, I love to compete.
In fact the motto of the ELMC reflects all the main reasons for taking part: "moot, meet and compete".

- Did you find it difficult to hand in memoranda in another language?
In the beginning my team mates and I were struggling with English legal jargon (corporated in v head office v central administration). But after a week things were much more easy.

- Why did you not chose French as a language for the memoranda?
As a bilingual country (in fact trilingual) it would have made more sense to use French. But my team mates and I have had some experience in big Belgian law firms and we agree. English is the number one language in the legal field. French only comes second.
However, we relied not merely on English legal authors, but also on French, Belgian, German, Swiss and Dutch authors and our summary was in French.

- Would you recommend others to compete next year?
I most certainly would. The ELMC is a rollercoaster experience.

- Is it ok for law firms with a European law practice group to contact you?
You bet!

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